2018 so far!


It's February & I haven't been blogging this year. I've been going through a loss and spending most of my time with family. Started meditating, reading, and a third job. Dove right into work the first couple months of this year. Been styling Women lately & learning so much, as it is not my expertise, but can't wait to share!

I love to blog and it's not something that's glamorous to blog about when your'e in that hustle mode but I do feel it is the BEST part and should be blogged. Forget all that perfect posting, perfect poses, and perfect designer items. I got into blogging because the lifestyle and process motivated me. I hope to do the same! for anyone who comes across this........the process is progress. Lets go!


Photos by Justin Agoncillo | @justnjames_

These boots and this teddy jacket are going to be my favorite staples this fall/winter. Lately I have been pairing this jacket with sneakers and tees and its a perfect change in texture when it comes to layering! Spent some time still celebrating my birthday and eating with friends before this Thanksgiving, getting ready to cook some side dishes now :) .....Happy Thanksgiving everyone and hope this holiday is shared with loved ones! XX

Jeans: Topshop | Boots: Steve Madden | Tee: Madewell | Jacket: @virgodowntown IG

LA Kings Love

Photos by Justin Agoncillo | @justnjames_

This was the Birthday dinner look! I went to my first Hockey game in LA last week and have been obsessed with my Jersey, especially as a dress. Spent the day shooting and headed to my favorite Italian restaurant Terroni for a little birthday dinner, then my first comedy show in LA at the Hollywood Improv. Can't believe how long I've lived in LA and I haven't done these things! 


Boots: Steve Madden | Jersey from NHL