Behind the scenes at The Grammys!

OK! Soooo I'm two weeks behind with these pictures. Sitting here at home for the first time getting finished with work around 6. This and all the jobs we are working is definitely worth the time and sweat put into the days for the ending result. I mean this for the Grammys, personal life, career wise and so on. 

It has been crazy ever since January but this job assisting Kendrick and his team for the Grammys this year was definitely something special. Two weeks later and I'm still not over the performance, the experience, and the wins. The best moments and emotions could never be fully taken in a photo, but hey I tried and I want to remember this! I just wish I could share more about the #assistantlife when it comes to things like this. You would never guess how UN glamourous this could all be, but at the end of the day like I said it's all worth the bigger picture. Definitely working on the next #assistantchronicles post! PS, I will be wearing this custom made jacket my boss made for the team A LOT, how cool is this to keep in the closet?!