Canada Part II

My first time at a music festival, and it was out of the country! I loved the line-up, my favorites were Miguel and J. Cole's performances. There were even double rainbows during their performance, it could not have been more perfect. Shuttle system was a bit aggravating but other than that I would definitely go back. The festival was held in Pemberton, British Columbia. A couple hours from Vancouver but the drive and the scenery at the festival was beyond breathtaking to look at. I stayed in Camo clothes! Haha. Below are pics from another amazing experience......

So after the 4-day Pemberton Music Festival, we spent our last day in Vancouver. We took a 9.5 (yes it was worth every mile) from downtown all the way through Stanley Park. We stopped almost at every pretty view along the way. I wish I took more pictures but it was pretty difficult with being on a bike, but I did get a good video recording that I want to post soon. The bike ride through the city as well was great because in Vancouver the bike lane is totally separated from traffic and even have its own little streetlight. Wish they had this in Cali! Anyways, I highly recommend the bike ride through Stanley Park. It just isn't the same if done through a car. Hope you enjoy this travel blog! Outfit posts coming soon