Plaid Corset

Photos by Justin Agoncillo | @justnjames_

It has been awhile! I call this.....when shopping on La Brea and your'e waiting for your seats at Sugarfish (the best sushi restaurant if you haven't been). So Los Angeles has the best vintage stores also....but it can be overwhelming to search through to find the perfect vintage levi's or that bold piece you want to style & post about.

I have been on the search for a good white tee & several washes in vintage denim. Search continues in quality items. I will say this, I used to hate Urban Outfitters because the flea market or other thrift stores would be selling similar things at half the price. But, they have definitely been getting classic items for a good price and the flea market.....went UP. Urban is a good start, and that is where I got this quality white "boys tee" & levi's in MY SIZE which is on rotation lately. I got this gorgeous corset at my local American Vintage store, and it is my vibe for this summer, corsets and levi's !!!!