June BTS

Here's a few behind the scene pics, some of my favorite outfits I put together for Fashion Nova. And a couple cool details I loved from Iggy's new song "Kream" ft Tyga.

June has been filled with work, and the most fun work of all....music videos. I assisted a celebrity stylist & worked with one of my own clients ( @therealsymba) for a collab with Fashion Nova. I love the Fashion Nova x Symba music video I just did because I got to be super creative on my own with pieces that I chose from them and it's always good to be able to practice my lessons I learn from being an assistant too. Practice makes perfect. 

I think this month has been blessed with not only that "good stress" work but it has been after work. Spending quality time with the team you get to work with. Our boss took us to Disneyland as a team which was so fun, what a way to celebrate hard work. It is difficult to find that good chemistry with a team that make work fun! 

MANTRA FOR THE MONTH : More quality time & more quality work put in.